I Believe In Us

Tree Photograph by David McCammon

We could be fantastic; I believe in us.
Woke this morning to the tail end of a storm. White light flashed around the bedroom while thunder grumbled eloquently in the distance.
I rose and went out on our deck. Trees dripped in a steamy tropical air. On the horizon the sun broke through distant clouds with steam rising off fields. It was as if in a scene out of Jurassic Park. Simply beautiful.
So grateful being able to witness such grandeur. I was bursting with a love and admiration for the world around me, for the beauty found in nature. Oddly, my mind drifted to my parents and the second world war. They shared stories of making do with less while the war raged in Europe. Their whole generation made do with less at that time.
We are at war right now. Our true battle is with ourselves. Our planet is twisting in pain while we consume and pollute her. We need to pull together and change how we interact with this earth or face dire consequences the beginning of which we are starting to get a glimpse of. We’ve been talking about this stuff for over 50 years.
Our war isn’t with terror. Terror is a blip on the radar compared to the survival of our species and this grand blue dot spinning gaily in space.
Start simple. Turn off that light when you leave a room. Use up those leftover veggies. Eat less meat. Avoid the fast food drive through – 2 minutes of fuel burnt and carbon expelled into the atmosphere. Big deal! Right!? Well, perhaps not alone, 1 time, BUT if 15 people do it, which leads to 50,000 then a million – one is huge. Turn the car off and walk in and say hello!

Rain Photograph by David McCammon
Just imagine the impact we can have on what we consume on how we can preserve this sweet blue planet for the future. One small piece at a time. Do we need that cool new phone this year or is this one fine for another year or 2?
It’s starting to rain again. Such a sweet sound and sister we need it!
Can you believe in us?

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