Winter Embrace – Photographing by the Grand River

Wolf in Winter

A lover of our winter climes even I begin to tire of the cold weather this year. And yet, as I gazed out on a morning of light fluffy snow, the kind we only see at minus 15, the day was being gently brushed with pinks and blues so exquisite, so delicate I was filled with a warmth touching the depths of my soul. What a wonder!

I paused. I must go out into this earthly light! Stop my whine of ‘so cold blues’. Take some winter photographs!

Wandering off I saw the light streaming down the Grand River. Pinks, yellows and blues mingled on the snow. I worked my way up 20 yards further knowing there would be an open view between the trees on the bank there. Perhaps a scenic landscape waited? As I edged over to the very top of the slope, a commotion stirred below!

Glancing down 2 timid wolves (they seemed too large to be coyotes) rose from their resting place darting out onto the frozen river in separate directions. Briefly, I felt guilty for disturbing their peace then breathed in the sweet scene unfolding before my eyes. I took a few photos, one I’m pleased with. This one spoke to me of their space as they roam the banks of the river.

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