A Moment

Heron Photography by David McCammon

A moment, not a photograph, not unlike a photograph.

Dinner out on the deck last night with 2 dear friends we’ve known for 40 years.

As we finished, inside a quiet moment, a lull in the conversation, 2 Great Blue Herons flew overhead. One let out its primordial cry, followed by the other as their huge wings filled the sky and pushed through the air.

What a moment. A Divine moment cherished and shared growing beyond time itself.

We had gathered earlier in the day to take in Sue Foley at the Kitchener Blues Festival. Oh my, the sound that woman pulls from her guitar hearkens to a Heron’s primordial cry. Perfection and beauty, a connection made. To pause and take in these moments nourishes my soul.

Equally important for me to pause before I press that shutter…

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