May Photography Classes with David McCammon

River in Spring © David McCammon

I’m happy to announce 3 new classes in May.

Two evening walkabouts for an hour and a half each on May 14 and May 24. These are great avenues for exploring and developing your photography skills with me as your guide.

The third is a Photography Workshop including:

     A presentation

     Outdoor photography session

     Review of your photographs

In my experience, the very best way to learn is by doing!

It’s wonderful seeing the sun out, hearing the birds sing, witnessing the buds swelling on the trees.

As we get a little warmer weather, watch over the horizon and you’ll witness the sweet green of Spring lighting up the trees. Just beautiful!

Learn how to capture the beauty you see every time! 

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If you have any questions about these classes please email me or call 519-742-9222

Here’s to Spring!

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