Dawn Photographs by the Grand River


Photographing by The Grand River was an inspiration. The sun was peaking over the horizon as I ventured out on the deck. The Grand River below was filled with fog. I grabbed my gear and scooted down to the river.
I decided I was going to use a tripod. Something I have always done though had slipped away from it recently, I always use one with my commercial work; it felt right like putting on an old comfortable sweater.

I sauntered below a bridge to frame up a gathering of ducks in the fog. I bracketed this image by 3 stops, over and under exposed to help illustrate an exposure presentation for my first year students. Turning back I saw an Egret had landed in the middle of the river while I’d been shooting. I took a couple of shots with my 200mm lens knowing I needed to move closer to this timid bird.

Tall late summer blooms and grasses gave me enough cover to get a little closer while this white beauty looked for some breakfast.

After a couple of images, he scrunched right down hiding his long elegant neck. I decided to try raising his alarm bells hopefully without scaring him off. I cupped my hands together and blew into them creating a melodious sound not unlike the cooing of a morning dove.Heronmouth

Within seconds in flew a great blue heron driving the egret off! He remained for several min
utes as I photographed even opening his mouth somewhat aggressively a few times. I wondered if I was  being told where to go!
What a divine half hour with several fine photographs made. And all I had to do was show up to experience the harmony and beauty surrounding me.

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