PhotographerDavid remembers first getting excited about photography as a teenager visiting a dear friend outside Toronto. He took several photographs with his friend’s new camera. A few 4×6 prints arrived a couple of weeks later by mail. “One particular image of an animated tree stump grabbed me by the collar and tossed me on the mat!” He was hooked – for life as it turned out knowing a photography class was in his future.

David soon had a Fuji ST701 in tow everywhere he went. He took a class at Le Plaque Shack in downtown Montreal experiencing the darkroom for the first time – “a place of mystery with chemicals and amber lights where an image magically appeared on paper as it swam in the developer!”

Within a year, David moved to Toronto with his wife Julia and began studying photography at Ryerson University. After an amazing four years of discovery and challenge he earned his BAA in Photographic Arts.

And so began a career in photography.

David has had the joy of earning a living while photographing an incredible array of people, places, and things. He has photographed underground in Thomson, Manitoba, from airplanes, taken portraits of babies and brides, a President of the United States, Governor Generals and Prime Ministers, families and pets, simple products to tables full of styled seasonal dishes, buildings and room sets, carpets and high tech devices. Always willing to try something new, he has been blessed with incredible clients along the way.

A long-time member of Professional Photographers of Canada he has earned his Craftsman of Photographic Arts through success in print competitions and time spent serving the organization. In 2000, David was hired to teach photography at the University of Guelph-Humber. A few years later he completed his Master of Education degree – “a compelling journey of self discovery allowing me to become a more effective educator”. In 2018, he released his book focused primarily on the business of photography: “Image Power: Balancing Passion and Profit in Business”. David continues running his studio at David McCammon Photography.

During a Ryerson workshop the great American photographer Bernice Abbott informed David’s class, at 78 she was still learning photography. David continues to explore this incredible medium with the same enduring passion that got him started.

He invites you to explore photography with him and welcomes an opportunity to share his breadth of knowledge, photographic experience, and passion with you.

Whether a beginner or more seasoned image maker he’d love to help you make better photographs. Please go to our SHOP page, check out our photography classes and start YOUR journey.