Composition in photography is the key towards creating exciting images. One might say it is the foundation of an image. Your composition can lead your viewer to your subject. Or lead them away. It can generate excitement or a sense of calm.

There are fundamental components towards creating a powerful, effective composition. Effective is the key word here. We must start with what we want to say, what our subject is. This idea drives our composition.

This course is composed of sections 1, 2 and 3. Each one builds off of the previous one. Most of these conventions arise out of the art world. Worthy of consideration and development. In the final piece David suggests considering bending these rules after you have mastered them. Why? Photography is a different process than drawing for example and on occasion demands its own unique approach.

Jump into this course and challenge yourself to apply these tried and true compositional tools. David would suggest trying them as you go is crucial to your success. One step at a time, one tool at a time. Pause before you press that shutter making sure all you want to say is contained within that little rectangle that has so much to say about your world!!


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